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Recruitment will start in

September 2007

Study of the effect of Ritalin in the treatment of sleepness associated with Steinert myotonic dystrophy


Quantification of muscle functions by nuclear magnetic resonance


Validation of Chatillon dynamometer for the quantification of muscle strenght

Human genetic department

2705,  Laurier Boulevard. RC-9300. Quebec (Quebec) Canada. G1V 4G2. Phone: +1 (418) 654-2186. Fax: +1 (418) 654-2207.

E-mail: sec.genetique@crchul.ulaval.ca

Institut de Réadaptation en Déficience Physique de Québec

525, Hamel Boulevard . Quebec (Quebec) G1M 2S8

Phone : 418-529-9141


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